21 June, 2005

Alphabet Soup Is On The Move

Alphabet Soup has recently moved from Hyde Park and is now in the trendy area of Parkhurst among other up and coming specialist through-the-line small agencies as well as various creative facilities. 

The Parkhurst office, now situated on Sixth Street, has an immense amount of history attached to it, as it is one of the oldest structures in Parkhurst and was built in 1927.

Our new contact details are as shown below:

Physical Postal
No. 85 6th Street PO Box 41118
Parkhurst Craighall
Johannesburg 2024

(Telephone) +27 11 880 2676 OR +27 11 880 8655
(Facsimile) +27 11 880 6115
(web) www.alphabetsoup.co.za