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Internet Overview

Although still in its infancy, the web has undergone a remarkable transformation in the past three years, changing from a novelty into a serious medium attracting significant advertising dollars. This unprecedented growth, and the rapid changes that come with it have left advertisers, advertising agencies an content providers grappling with some important questions about how online advertising should be purchased, measured and evaluated.

To address these concerns, a panel of experts met at an ABC Interactive presentation held in conjunction with the Audit Bureau of Circulation's' (ABC) Annual Conference. During the panel discussion, an audience of several hundred online professionals had the opportunity to ask questions about "Buying Advertising on the Web".

Internet Measurement Standards
The aim of ABIS

The aim of creating ABC-endorsed Internet measurement standards is to provide advertisers on Web sites with standardised Web site traffic information. This will give advertisers a common base with which to compare advertising options quantitatively.

Like other ABC standards (for magazines, newspapers, movie houses, etc.) the Internet measurement standards aim to be representative across the advertising and media industries. Web site traffic will therefore be audited by external auditors according to the common standards. The site auditor will issue official Web site audit certificates that are compiled to an agreed ABC standard on a regular basis.

The Web site owners can use this information in their advertisement marketing efforts.

The standards
The primary objective is to define mandatory measurement standards that will be used to quantify Web site traffic. These measurement standards should be accepted by the industry and related parties as being the primary criteria for comparing Web site traffic. As such these definitions need to be comprehensively encapsulated in simple paragraphs which are easily understandable by the public at large. The primary measurement standard will be the number of page impressions.

Page Impressions
A page access is a single page requested by a user and fulfilled by the server. Non-requested files (e.g. images, gifs, surplus html files served to build frame-sets, etc.) are excluded. One request by a valid user should result in one page access being recorded. Valid users exclude the staff of the organisation and related parties according to an exclusion list compiled by the staff of the organisation and related parties according to an exclusion list compiled by the auditor. Valid page impressions exclude redirects, errors and accesses from non-human entities such as search engines. This number may be understated due to caching the proxy servers.

Automated search engines, indexers, etc. will be classified as invalid traffic. Defined by the "Web site auditor" on an exclusion list of IP numbers are not valid unique hosts or users. Pages requested by valid users via links displayed by search engines are valid traffic. If a unique host requests a page and the server pushes one or more extra pages to the unique host then the extra non-requested pages are not valid page impressions.

In order to understand the site traffic and to provide a first level of service to the media buyers the top ten pages by number of page impressions should be disclosed on the audit certificate.

Cache and proxy settings: Log files may not register all page impressions due to caching and proxy servers. ABIS now accepts electronic counting techniques to ensure that the issues with caching and proxies do not undermine the credibility of the numbers.

Frames: The use of frames on a site can increase the number of valid HTML pages served to a browser. Only the frame that contains the content should be counted for the purposes of ABIS numbers. Other frame pages should be excluded, it is the duty of the auditor to ensure that the extra pages are excluded.

Refreshing: Pages that are set to refresh automatically must be separately disclosed to the auditor and the number of page impressions shown on the audit certificate. Although the pages served may be valid there is no manner of knowing if each page was seen by a viewer at the time.

The ABC (Audited Bureau of Circulation) has endorsed ABIS and the Internet Measurement Standards it has set. The standards provide advertisers on Web Sites with standardised Web site traffic information.

On the World Wide Web, visitors or traffic is calculated in different ways. Various options exist with regards to how to measure a Web site's visits or page impressions. But almost none of these can tell whether an actual, real person accessed a specific page on a site. This affects all sites wanting to sell valuble advertising space and to provide assurance for web advertisers. With these and other issues in mind the aim of ABIS is to provide advertisers on Web Sites with standardised Web traffic information.


Real Media™ brings to Africa the power of a world leader in online advertising to maximise the return on investment for local advertisers. As its basic premise Real Media™ is committed to results-driven advertising.

For optimum reach and efficiency, your unique message needs to reach your targeted customers. We can dictate the exact composition of your advertising audience, enabling you to target specific markets and consumers by qualifying your campaign according to your media strategy.

When it comes to planning and placement, we recommend only premium sites of proven performance: highly branded and recognised in their fields, whether of general interest or along thematic lines. Our online representation is unrivalled on the African Continent, and enables us to negotiate optimum value for our advertising clients.

Most important of all, at the end of the campaign (and at intervals along the way) we provide a detailed reporting service that measures its success against objectives agreed at the start. Accountability is part of the deal, and we stand or fall by the results we achieve on your behalf.

Apart from basic planning and buying, the main elements of our service are:
• A defined service level to the agency and client.
• Agency training programmes and knowledge sharing.
• An easy approach to strategy definition.
• A direct link to advertising technology including 3rd Party adseving
• World class reporting
• Best Pricing
• 16.5% Rebates to all Agencies

A unique and trusted of selection of top branded sites, attracting a variety of high-end, well-defined, valuable audiences. They cover all interest groups and include portal, media, finance, computer, travel, entertainment, B-2-B, and a variety of other sites (see portfolio attached)

Strong relationships that have been built with top sites providing advertisers access to the audience they want to reach, optimising campaign returns

Expertise in creating online strategies together …

Determining your Target Audience
Maximising your reach
Minimising Frequency
Delivering results
Applying our International and local experience to give you the best value / best return campaigns possible

2.1 Media Buying - Made easy for you…

  • Assist you with your research across the net, looking at the sites, and what they offer. Together with our expertise, experience, know how, and credible portfolio of sites, we will assist you in fulfilling your brief most effectively
  • Do Internet advertising buying for you. Real Media™ has built long-term relationships with the major players in the Online Media industry, locally and internationally, and our bulk buying agreements ensure that you always get the best deal.
  • Buying Online Media across the Real Media™ Portfolio costs you nothing! Purchases outside of the Real Media Portfolio carry a 6.5% handling fee.
  • Negotiate discounts and added value on your behalf
  • Get more value for your money and your clients
  • Provide you with centralised billing. You pay us we pay them…

2.2 Media Planning

  • Should your agency not yet be in a position to fulfil the complete planning function, Real Media™ has the experience and know how to provide you with this service.
  • Once again our bulk buying capacity will always ensure that you get the best deal possible across the most targeted sites available.
  • Strategy is our focus at Real Media™ and we believe that no media schedule should be created in isolation.
  • Online and offline advertising synergy is essential to guarantee your client the most successful campaign possible.
  • We work closely with you to develop and strategise effective campaigns, cutting wastage down to the bare minimum and maximising your clients return on investment.

2.3 Campaign Management

  • Implement and manage your online campaigns, ensuring the campaign is booked and implemented. Your campaign will therefore run smoothly and efficiently
  • Provide you, the client, with access to your online campaign reporting details so that you may monitor your own campaign if you so wish. The team will also, implement any banner / campaign changes during the campaign within a 24 hour period
  • Provide bi-weekly interim reporting, which includes monitoring by site and per banner. Upon completion of the campaign a comprehensive report is supplied within 48 hours of the campaign completion date. (A report sample will follow)

2.3.1 What can the reporting tell me?

  • Measurement of Impressions Delivered (‘Eyeballs’)
  • Measurement of Click-Thrus (‘Response’)
  • Click Thru Yield – The ratio of impressions delivered to click-thru’s received
  • Browser type / version
  • Impression and click- thru by hour of day, day of week & month
  • Measurement by creative – which banners were most effective in a campaign
  • Websites most effective in a campaign

2.4 Technology

  • Real Media™ Africa proprietary software, OpenAdstream™, allows sites and agencies to manage all aspects of the advertising process with maximum security and full data protection
  • OpenAdstream™ was developed together with the most successful sites, to deliver the most flexible tool for online advertising management
  • Some of the top South African Sites choose OpenAdstream™ for their advertising measurement requirements, amongst others these include Johnnic e-Ventures; Independent Online (IOL); and SABC
  • Our constant access to this software and the information that it supplies to us ensures that we are always on the cutting edge of technology

3. Targeting Options

Online Scheduling Options

• Competitive Category

OpenAdStream™ and many of the leading ad delivery software engines will insure that competing advertisers do not appear on a page at the same time

• Time and Day Delivery

Based on Statistics of Internet users and their browsing habits, we can schedule a campaign to run on specific Hours of the day and/or specific Days of the week

Targeting an audience

Section Delivery

• Target only to specific sections within a site.
• Run of Site – throughout all sections
• Section Specific – e.g. Home Page, Motoring, Entertainment, Business

Domain or IP Address

• OpenAdStream™ can deliver an ad campaign to users using a specific ISP or from specific domains


• Target only South Africans ( targeting) or international visitors (eg. targeting)

Operating System (due to inventory availability in SA this is not yet widely utilized)

• This feature allows you to target a campaign based on the Operating system that is in use on the visitor’s computer – eg. Pentium users

Web Browser (due to inventory availability in SA this is not yet widely utilized)

• Target a campaign based on the type and version of web browser that the visitor to the web is using

Cookies / User Profile

• OpenAdStream™ can make use of user profile information to deliver ads by age, gender, income, or any other information the site has collected on its visitors. The Privacy Proxy protects this information. OpenAdStream™ uses the information present in a profile cookie to target ad deliveries. The site will determine the type of information they wish to gather and then target accordingly.

4. Trends

Together with the site owners Real Media™ will work towards providing you with effective strategies, meeting your objectives and considering all the latest trends in internet advertising, which have proven results.

  • Rich Media – Flash / animation
  • Newsletters
  • Email marketing and Permissive Marketing
  • Viral Marketing
  • Ticker Tapes
  • Interstitials
  • Pop – ups
  • Real – catchers
  • Unique user stats

As a sales organization working closely with advertisers and publishers throughout the world, our fingers are on the pulse of online advertising. We will work with you to ensure your online strategies are at the forefront of the industry and make the best of what the online market offers today.

Crucial to your success is a partner with whom you can have constant dialogue. With professional local teams in 17 countries, our know-how is based on high-quality, long-lasting relationships allowing us to provide services tailored to your needs.

Sales and technological expertise coupled with several years of internet experience give Real Media™ a unique position to support you in a proactive, efficient manner.

Our Objective: to capatilise on the best opportunities to ensure optimum return on your investments.
We represent a network of high quality local market Web sites designed to give advertisers maximum reach and efficiency. We eliminate the time consuming and inefficient process of placing market-specific Internet advertising across multiple Web sites. With the advent of information publishing on the Web, online newspapers have become the neighborhoods of choice on the Internet offering strong local content, trusted brand identity, captive promotional vehicles, and building long-term relationships with all consumers and businesses in specific markets.
Real Media™ Africa offers three complementary services key to your success in commercial interactive communication.

Real Media Africa proprietary software, Open Adstream™, allows sites and agencies to manage all aspects of the advertising process with maximum security and full data protection.

Open Adstream™ was developed together with the most successful sites, to deliver the most flexible tool for online advertising management.

Media Services
Committed to offer the best solution to meet your objectives, Real Media™ Africa has developed a Media planning and buying division dedicated to provide personalized services.

Our Media Services teams will assist sites and advertisers in defining interactive marketing strategies and in implementing them. Services include outsourced advertising and database management, specific sponsoring and advertising and packages or content syndication. Use our experience to create tailored solutions that deliver beyond your expectations.

Feedback from the Industry:

  • Real Media plan and buy across sites that only use the open Adstream software or existing clients sites.
  • Real Media work on a fee basis with their clients and base most of their planning on the number of impressions bought
  • Based in JHB
  • Real Media represent various sites and tend to include their sites that they represent into their planning and are not that independent in lateral planning.
  • They tend to place the sites they represent in a media plan due to the sales commission that they earn on the sites they represent.

Our approach is called Metric MarketingTM a method we use to establish and benchmark key business metrics such as:

  • cost per customer acquisition
  • cost per lead
  • cost per sale
  • cost per registration

Marketing strategies and partnerships are developed to achieve these metrics in the most cost-effective way possible, minimizing risk and maximizing Return on Investment.

The company was founded in April 1999. In September 2000 senior management concluded a 40% repurchase of shares from Institutional Investors. The management and staff of Acceleration now hold 90% with the remainder being held by a private venture partner. The ownership structure of Acceleration reinforces the management and staff's commitment to harnessing future opportunities and allows us to leverage our independence in the marketplace.

Feedback from the industry:

  • Leaders in the industry from a lateral thought process when it comes to putting together full online strategies.
  • Based in Cape Town
  • Use spotlight technology


  • Jagly Intermedia has been in operation since 01 March 1999;
  • Started by Jenny Briggs (formerly of SBBW advertising) and Lynn Halberstadt and Glenn Chapman (both formerly of Oracle On-line). All 3 are joint directors of Jagly.
  • The 3 people responsible for forming Jagly saw a gap in the online advertising market for an objective, independent, online media agency.
  • Currently, there are a number of sales houses selling advertising space on their own network of web sites (e.g. Oracle On-line), but they are unable to place online advertising outside their network.


  •  The Jagly team have considerable experience in Internet advertising, marketing, sales, online media planning & buying and online strategy;
    • To this end, Jagly are also able to offer specialised consulting services covering a variety of industry specific topics.

Client Policy

  • Jagly has identified key clients whom they currently have a relationship with or who they are about to embark on a mutually beneficial relationship with;
  • Since Jagly’s policy is one of relationship marketing and world class client service, Jagly value their clients highly and wish to grow with these clients as the online advertising industry grows.

Roles within Jagly

Jenny, as Managing Director, is responsible for all of Jagly’s rate negotiations, advertising packaging and operations within Jagly.

Lynn is Sales and Marketing director, in charge of sales, marketing and client service.

Roles within Jagly

  • Glenn is Director, Jagly Consulting, offering specialist consulting services.
  • Media Director, Dalene Van Niekerk, is responsible for all Jagly’s online media planning and buying.
    Jagly Services
  • Online Media Planning and buying;
  • “Bulk” media buying, ensuring best rates and discounts across some networks;
  • Media Schedules and booking schedules of campaigns;
  • Value Sheets for yield (click-through), cost per visitor and conversions;
  • Ongoing monitoring of campaign and monthly campaign post buy analysis;

Jagly Services

  • Ongoing research regarding new advertising opportunities and industry trends;
  • Creative direction regarding banner design and concept and appraisal of clients’ web sites (if needed);
  • Individual client workshops that could entail Internet advertising trends and opportunities, Search Engine Terrorism, Research and/or Competitive Analysis.

Jagly Consulting

  • Online marketing strategy;
  • Brokering of strategic alliance relationships for clients;
  • Packaging of advertising opportunities on clients’ site and rate card evaluations;
  • Ad server technology planning and ROI models.

Client List
Absa / Aucor / Automark / American Express / Alexander Forbes / British Airways / Burchmores / Blue / Bid or Buy / Car / DStv / Eskom / Edgars / FNB / / Intel / Just Juice/ JHI / Mr Delivery / McCarthy Call A Car Megashopper / Nedbank / Nsureline / / Permanent Bank / Standard Bank / S A Eagle

Professional Fees
Jagly’s professional fees include:
• Monthly Retainers;
• Per hour charge;
• Project fees;
• Agency Commission for media placed.

Feedback from the industry:
• The main independent online agency which offers the best in full service planning.
• They work on a std commission of 16.5% and offer bulk buying discounts to all of their clients.
• Don’t represent any sites and are owned by an existing agency.However are completely removed and act totally independently.
• Tend to negotiate the best deals with media owners so that clients get the benefit.
• They tend to offer a holistic traditional solution to clients.


IOL is the online sales house for the Independent group of companies and Media SA (PTY) Ltd

Oracle represents a number of different sites and operates as the sales arm for MNET, Naspers and MSN.

c)Johnic E Ventures
Acts as the online sales representatives for all partly and fully owned companies of Johnic Group.
? Where are they spending it? What does their creative look like and what aspects of their products are they emphasising?

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