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TV Advertising Terms and Conditions

SABC terms and Conditions

  1. Cancellation deadlines:
    • A 100 % cancellation fee will apply to commercials cancelled within 28 days of broadcasting
  2. Prime time vs. Shoulder time:
    • Prime Time: SABC1: 17h00-22h00
      SABC2: 18h00-22h00
      SABC3: 17h30-22h30
    • Shoulder Time: SABC1: 22h00-17h00
      SABC2: 22h00-18h00
      SABC3: 22h30-17h30
    • All live sport that is broadcast in shoulder time will attract the prime time discount and not the shoulder time discount.
  3. The Early Booking Discount Regulations:
    • Only applications that reach the SABC Television Airtime Sales on the applicable closing date will qualify.
    • No late applications will be accommodated
    • Any adjustments to media plans after cut off date will automatically disqualify applicants from the additional 5% discount offer.
    • The early booking discount deadline is printed with the rate cards on a monthly basis. It is normally 15 working days once the rate card is delivered. Usually the week of the 24th.
  4. The first time advertisers deal:
    • The company must not have advertised on SABC TV for the last 24 months and whose annual investment does not exceed R 5 000 000 (Five Million rand).
    • The company must have no international affiliation.
    • Admission is applicable for 6 months only.
    • 30% added value applicable.
    • Maximum duration of commercials is 60
    • Applications will only be accepted 14 days prior to broadcast.
    • 60% of ads to be placed in shoulder time and 40% in prime time.
    • The New Business Deal is valid for 12 months

Oracle terms and Conditions

  1. Cancellation deadline:
    • Cancellation deadline is 28 days pior to first flighting, excluding sponsorships.
  2. Amendment / change deadlines:
    • 4 days prior, subject to the situation
  3. Shoulder times:
    • 22:00 06:00 : also subject to programming
  4. First time advertiser deals:
    • Oracle offer up to 50% Added Value based on management discretion. MNet Added Value will be placed on other MNet owned channels if time is not available on MNet channel
    • The First Time Advertiser deal is only applicable for the first burst. That is +/- 2 weeks
  5. Early Booking Discount
    • MNet does not have an early booking discount

ETV terms and Conditions

  1. Cancellation deadlines:
    • Commercials cancelled between 0-15 working days before broadcast: 100% cancellation surcharge
    • Commercials cancelled between 16-21 working days before broadcast: 50% surcharge.
  2. Amendment deadline:
    • We need a period of 24 hours notice for amendments and changes to existing material
  3. Shoulder time:
    • Classified as 22h15 - 16h59.
  4. The first time advertisers deal:
    • 100% added value for the 1st 6 months ONLY
      Thereafter normal negotiations will take place
    • A discount of 33% for the first 6 months ONLY
      Thereafter standard negotiations will take place based on rate card rates.
  5. Early Booking Discount
    • ETV does not have early booking deadlines or discounts, applications are dealt with on a first come first serve basis.

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