Face The Facts - Insight into the lives and homes of South Africans

Access a representative, nation-wide, probability sample of: 7,265 households – representing around 10-m households

Access 28,000 people living in these households – representing 43-m South Africans: 29,6-m adults and 13,4-m children.

PeoplePanel spans the entire South African landscape from the rural hinterland, to shack settlements, to townships, to the leafy suburbs.

PeoplePanel enables you to ask your own exclusive questions and tie the results back to the panel data at one of two levels.

Initiated by the SABC Market Intelligence Unit, PeoplePanel is an integrated research tool that provides tactical and strategic information to decision-makers.

Powered by Markinor (recruited, interviewed, maintained).

Utilising strategic questions and segmentation tools designed and developed in consultation with independent researchers at FutureFact.

The MultiDimensional Panel Concept

The CORE Survey - the set-up wave of PeoplePanel was conducted in mid-2003. Extensive household and personal data were collected reflecting the full diversity of the South African population.

The FUTUREFACT Wave - will return to the same randomly selected respondent, add greater richness and texture to the core data and carry dedicated FutureFact subscriber questions.

Links to core panel data - unlimited (except for exclusive / private client / SABC questions).

SUBSEQUENT Waves - will operate as an omnibus survey and will interview selected individuals in the household. The SABC will book a portion of each wave for its own use but there will be space for independent / private questions.

Links to core panel data confined to demographics and media.

OWN SUPPLIER - Since many clients have developed their own proprietary research methodologies and tracking studies, they may wish to use their own research suppliers. In this instance, the SABC will make available contact details of panel members based on specific target market requirements - the cost will depend on the extent of the requirements.

Links to core panel data: ONLY for selection of sample.

1. Level One Access to PeoplePanel data


Age, gender, language, marital status, income, status in household (e.g. scholar, student, employed, housewife, pensioner), education, employment, occupation category, employment – formal / informal business, earning anything, personal income, head of household – financial decisions, head of household – everyday decisions (shopping, children, chores), LSM’s,


Extensive demographics of all household members (age, gender, employment, education), household income, population group of household, area (suburb, township, CBD etc), type of dwelling, province, key durables in home,


TV – channels received, TV – subscribers to M-Net / DSTV, Channels viewed and most important TV channels, type of programmes watched, Radio stations listened to, type of radio programmes enjoyed, Newspapers read and magazines read, cinema – frequency.


PeoplePanel operates as a highly flexible Omnibus survey:

Clients can include as many or as few questions as they choose.

Clients can target specific sub-samples from the panel for example:

Vehicle owners
Financial head of household
Households with a PC
Specific regions / areas
The wealthy
The new elite
People with bank accounts

Output: Tables analysed by a wide range of demographics and media

Contact: SABC Market Intelligence Unit or Markinor

2. Level Two Access to PeoplePanel data

Only the SABC and FutureFact subscribers will be able to link subsequent waves of interviews with panel members to the core data-base. This will enable them to analyse their questions by the rich layers of personal and household data captured in the original interview AND subsequent FutureFact-initiated waves.


Understanding of English, urbanisation (where born, lived for childhood, live currently, intend moving to), family members who have left SA permanently, family members planning to return, identity (language, tribe, race, country), Maths / science / computers / commercial subjects studied at school, employment – public, corporate, private or self, employment – work from home / office, employment – manage others


Kids at Model C / private schools, dependent kids at home, tenure (home ownership), years in this home, household structure, LSM variables, other key items in home, population group of neighbourhood, live-in domestic worker, motor vehicles owned, population group of household – mixed, area: suburb, township, CBD etc, type of dwelling (expanded list).


channels received and most important channels, radio stations listened to and most important stations, daily media schedule, times at which news is watched and on which channels, Types of programmes enjoyed, Type of movies watch on TV, Source of info on TV programmes to watch, attitude to language on TV and radio


Membership of organisations / clubs, activities in last month, number of funerals attended, leisure activities enjoyed, type of music enjoyed, sports interested in


Financial - types of accounts and services used, what money is currently needed for, ownership of watch, cell-phone, glasses / spectacles / contact lenses, personal and household products used, shopping habits (where shop)., items in household, vehicle ownership.


well-being index, financial status, feelings about living in SA, feelings about future of SA, what needs to happen to make things better in SA, access to services and amenities, trust in leadership and institutions, key socio-economic and political attitudes, consumer trends / Trendscape.

Output: Designed to meet your specific needs. From electronic access (via private subscription to Telmar / Infosense, IMS etc.) to strategic reports, presentations, workshops, segmentation.

Contact: FutureFact or SABC Market Intelligence

“As far as you want to go…..”

With PeoplePanel you can analyse your results to the depth and breadth you choose.

The Market Intelligence Unit is tasked to provide the primary audience objectives of SABC Television and Radio.

Towards this end, the Unit identified the overall need to have an integrated research tool

– PeoplePanel - that is able to provide tactical and strategic information that can enhance decision-making.

PeoplePanel will not only ensure cost effective market research, but will also leverage synergies between the SABC and clients through mutually beneficial syndicated research.

The overall vision of the Market Intelligence Unit is to enhance innovative research solutions by providing practical outcomes, while establishing world class benchmarks.


Anina Maree (011) 714-3700

Established in 1972, Markinor has more than three decades of experience in local and international markets and recently established Markinor Africa Network, a formal network of research companies across Africa. Markinor is a member of Gallup International Association and is the first marketing research company in South Africa to receive SABS ISO 9001 certification.


Mari Harris (011) 886-6469,
Cathy Cosser (011) 686 8417,

FutureFact is a ‘virtual’ organisation. It conducts research that explores and monitors the rich fabric of South African society. It is funded entirely by subscriptions to its surveys and delegates attending its conferences and workshops. FutureFact is steered by a committed team of independent and experienced researchers: Penny Hoets, Jos Kuper, Debbie Milne and Teddy Langschmidt. Communication strategies and project and event organisation by Chanel Platt.


Penny Hoets (011) 468-2591
Jos Kuper (011) 783-1671
Debby Milne (011) 672-4267
Chanel Platt (011) 705-1032)

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