Alphabet Soup has formed alliances with select top-level strategic partners in order to deliver holistic and creative media strategies for our clients. All co-ordination is handled by Alphabet Soup, which provides a single contact point for the client. This ensures that “consistency” in the communication is executed seamlessly through the various elements.

So what do we offer our clients?

  • Holistic Media management
    Alphabet Soup manages all facets of the client’s media, from the administrative tasks such as the tracking of schedules, key codes, positions and invoices, to tasks such as continually keeping up to date with all media developments and as well the client’s business and their needs.

  • Media Planning and Strategy
    The core of Alphabet Soup’s business is their ability to compile a comprehensive media plan and/or a full media strategy for their client’s custom needs, based on budgets, advertising periods, target markets and objectives.

    By being present and corresponding on client’s advertising from the start, Alphabet Soup ensures that the “golden thread” is maintained from the pitch to weekly status reports with client.

    Alphabet Soup choose to formulate strategies which are flexible as we are continually looking for new exciting ideas for our clients, based on their needs.

  • Differentiating Factors
    At Alphabet Soup clients deal directly with the key player in the company and have no junior staff working on their business, thereby minimising the possibility of misinterpretations due to a string of people passing the brief on to each other.

    Clients benefit from working with a small agency, because they deal with everyone in the agency and therefore there is always someone available to help on their business. Furthermore clients benefit from low staff turn over and staff availability after hours.

    As a small agency Alphabet Soup does not take on competitors and all our clients are seen as “big fish in a little pond”.

  • What we cover in media buying
    Alphabet Soup oversees the entire buying process from rate and added value negotiation to booking and cross-checking all schedules, chase lists, CIs, material key codes, rates and invoices as well as the compiling of post-campaign analysis and monitoring of all spend and commitment discounts.

    By combining the resources of a strategic planning agency and the biggest buying agency, we know we have more planning and buying expertise at our disposal than any of our competitors.

Who is Alphabet Soup?
Alphabet Soup
was founded in October 2000, by Nicolette Lewin in response to a growing demand by companies for senior involvement on their brands within the area of media strategy, channel planning and media buying. 



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