2009 Charity

Hotel Hope: hotelhope@gmail.com

Hi Everyone

We have finally found a charity where we can see the difference we make and I believe is really run by some efficient and genuine people.

Alphabet Soup has signed on Hotel Hope as our charity for 2009. They have a couple of parts to their business;

1. A charity shop
2. An orphanage
3. They handle various other initiatives as mentioned below

Alphabet Soup will have a permanent bin at our offices and would appreciate any of the following items that you might no longer need or feel have been used. Please can I ask you to drop them off and we will then send them through. We will be doing a Christmas party with the orphans at the end of the year donation drive to follow then. For now please take a look around your home and drop off any of the following items:

Bottles, nappies, toys age 1- 8, cots, blankets, towels, bed linen, kettles, flasks, white square towels, baby food, formula, rocking chairs, any baby products, soaps, toothbrushes, creams, powders, soft toys

General- Plastic bags, any odds or ends, old photos or pictures, printer cartridges

Furniture - Couches, TV, radios, dustbins, outdoor furniture, trees, pot plants, beds, cushions, mattresses, Pillows, vegetable seeds, Irons, Ironing boards, coffee cups, cleaning material any of the big items can be dropped off at 94 3rd Avenue Melville

Obviously Financial donations are always there

I really believe we can make a huge difference to this charity if we just apply our minds when cleaning out our homes. My office will co- ordinate it and you can drop off at any time. Please see address details below. Please see the Hotel Hope Newsletter here.

Have a great day and forward this on to anyone who you think wants to make a difference and see the results. We will continue to keep you posted on any donations or information on our website

Thanks so much and God Bless

Nicolette Lewin
Physical Address: 85 6th Street, Parkhurst